The Scottish Racing Academy has been developed to be a catalyst for the development and delivery of a strategic, ambitious, innovative, and joined-up model of education and training provision for people entering the racing industry, existing racing staff and their trainers.

In addition, it was important that the Scottish education and training offer reflected the excellent racecourses and trainers that operate in Scotland and highlighted the impact of Scottish racing on the racing industry in the U.K. and the Scottish economy.

Until the development of the Scottish Racing Academy, the only available horseracing specific, training opportunities were in England. Therefore, there was a requirement for a Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) qualification to be written, in consultation with employers. The five new horseracing qualifications were written and validated in five months, further highlighting the appetite for the horseracing specific training in Scotland.

The approach of the Scottish Racing Academy seeks to build on existing good practice and assets. It does not intend to replicate existing provision, but instead to complement, utilise and improve upon it. Our qualifications support and promote opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds and our core ethos and values highlight this.

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