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The Scottish Racing Academy (SRA) has been developed to address the gap in horseracing education and training provision available in Scotland and the north, which will provide an education and training offer that matches the world-class racecourses and trainers that operate in Scotland and the North of England and reflects the importance and impact of Scottish racing on the racing industry in the British and Scottish economy.

The Scottish Racing Academy aims to provide learner-based training for anyone who would like to learn the skills required to gain employment in one of many roles in racing, as well for anyone who already works in the horseracing industry and wishes to upskill their knowledge.

The new qualifications, as listed on the courses page, have all been written to provide choice to learners whilst nurturing talent.

This innovative approach has been built on an evidenced need to address the well-documented challenges in recruiting and retaining high quality, skilled racing staff that currently affects the industry across Britain, including Scotland.

The development of the Scottish Racing Academy is thanks to the Racing Foundation who are committed to invest in the industry’s people agenda to attract, develop and retain more staff.

Ultimately, the Scottish Racing Academy represents a collaboration between Scottish Racing, Scottish and British Horseracing industry partners and Scottish education partners such as Scotland’s Rural College and Borders College. The approach seeks to build on existing good practice and assets. It does not intend to replicate existing provision, but instead to complement, utilise and improve upon it.

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Mission Statement

The Scottish Racing Academy aims to implement inclusive, sustainable education and training programs that can provide opportunities within horseracing by identifying gaps in provision, promoting mutual support and up-skilling current stable staff.

The ultimate aim is to encourage more staff into the industry and develop the existing staff.

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About Us


The long-term vision is to create a sustainable, world class education and training offer, which will improve recruitment, skills and retention of racing staff in Scotland, and consequently help racing in Scotland to flourish and grow. This will also be of benefit to staff across Britain who will have the opportunity to access education and training in Scotland. It will also benefit the industry more broadly, with Scotland playing its part in attracting, developing and retaining racing staff.

Our Ethos & Values

The Scottish Racing Academy sees itself as:

  • Caring and respecting people’s individuality
  • Promoting people’s individual learning styles
  • Enabling and empowering people to consider working with horses within Scottish horseracing
  • Valuing all learner and employer contributions to the provision
  • Demonstrating how enjoyable and fulfilling a career in horseracing can be
  • Independent of statutory services
  • Seeking and gaining the respect of professional colleagues
  • Working collaboratively
  • Open, transparent and communicative
  • Knowledgeable, with a ‘can-do’ approach to problem solving
  • Committed to safeguarding individuals

The Scottish Racing Academy will provide expert training and education to the horse racing industry. "

Eleanor Boden

Scottish Racing Academy Manager

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The Objectives as set out in Scottish Racing Academy’s governing document are;

  • To provide education and training opportunities that have a positive impact on the lives of all those who have contact with Scottish racing.
  • To design, develop and deliver courses of education and training and facilitate qualifications.
  • To improve young people’s understanding of and enthusiasm for horseracing.

To help develop the skills, knowledge and confidence of racing’s workforce and potential workforce;

  • To promote and develop employment opportunities within horseracing.
  • To promote and develop volunteering activity.

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